4 days vegan challenge

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4 days vegan challenge

Everyone wants to feel healthier, lighter and more vibrant. Couple these fantastic benefits with the knowledge that you can also do your best for animals around the world, as well as reducing your effect on the environment. There is a simple action you can take that will have a positive effect not just on you but on many other lives

Sign up via email using the form and for 4 days you will receive advice on all aspects of the vegan diet (including a lot of easy and healthy recipes with groceries list) allowing you to get into the vegan lifestyle. We are sure that after vegan challenge you would definitely feel fresh, energetic and young.
After successful completion of the vegan challenge, you would earn the vegan leaves challenge badge, a free t-shirt, 20% discount on our vegan partnered restaurant and get listed in our hall of fame. Follow the instruction below the start the challenge. 
Step 1 – Sign up for the vegan challenge 
Step 2 – Take pictures of each vegan meal that you have cooked or get it from outside (you can use our recipes, your own recipes or order food from our partner vegan kitchen or any other vegan restaurant in the city)
Step 3 – Post the pictures on your Instagram or any other social media and tag us until the challenge finish or if you don’t feel comfortable using social media then just mail us the pictures.  
Step 4 – Our team will monitor your journey and will notify you for the success of the challenge. 
Step 5 – Over the completion of the challenge you will receive the T-Shirt and the coupon for 20% discount

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