Powered by Invision Community. It had some issues, which to me are challenges, just like restoring old, rusty tools and giving them a second life. T.S. This year, 1951, was special for the 39A, though. 2. Copyright 2019 sassnet.com Marlin 39A, 39AS, 39M, 39TDS Schematic W/ Parts List. They come out looking . Hoss Scuba Certification; Private Scuba Lessons; Scuba Refresher for Certified Divers; Try Scuba Diving; Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) Traffer,when I turned 12, my Dad took me to town to pick out a new .22, and I ended up choosing the Browning over the Marlin, mostly because the Browning was a bit handier for me at the time. I also read that, as you noted, it was a marketing idea to attractthe attention of a prospective buyer. Trying to find and OEM replacement (mine was missing and there was just the hole and dried glue) is next to impossible all things considered regarding Marlin parts. The new value of a MARLIN 39A rifle has risen $53.70 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $949.73 . There's a right way and a wrong way to remove them. Most require this. Yea, I do them the same way Chuck does. Add to My Saved Parts. Maybe I should have split it up into 2 or 3 videos. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. . Someone inquired about the M96 sling, they are available from worldwarsupply.com, or their store on eBay. You said its a mark of quality, but why? Access from your Country was disabled by the administrator. Hoss, if Yellowhouse Sam doesn't have one, check out the Marlin Owners forum. $11.95. Finishing touches on the 336a Marlin .35 Remington. I bought my first Marlin 39A (from McBride's, a fine gunshop in Austin, Texas) when I was a freshman in college. The sighting apparatus is a beaded front post and a drift-adjustable semi-buckhorn rear with an . Marlin Front Sight Insert. 0.00. $399.99. Take a fingernail file & file the bullseye so. Military and comercial. The one I'm asking about in this thread is a Marlin Model 39A, 24-inch, ".22 CAL. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay.com. Marlin 1895 and 336; Marlin 39A; Merchandise. The serial number under the lever is 242XX. 226 Williams Ln. News; About Us; Dealer Information; Ordering Information; . By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. The back loop is adjusted so that you can loop up with your arm through the back loop after it is unclipped and cinch down with the keeper. Any suggestions? Any tips from those who have already done it woiuld be appreciated. Maybe I should have sp. The lever action on the Marlin. The rust primarily extends from a couple inches past the forend to the muzzle. This is a high-class place so act respectable. . Lemme look in my parts box tomorrow.pretty sure i have one. I just tapped it into the hole, cut if off close to the wood with a jeweler's saw, filed it down and finished it with fine sandpaper, steel wool and boiled linseed oil. No black spot in the middle, but it looks good. by rjohns94 Sat Nov 08, 2008 2:24 pm, Post $5.45: 0 $5.45 The plug will require some degree of shaping to fit properly. by salvo Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:57 pm, Post Take the bullseye & insert in the hole. Hope I'm not overiding the man's topic. MAGPUL STR CARB STOCK MIL SPEC. A lot do and this is the ticket to replace it and make your rifle whole again. Out of Stock. March 7, 2021 in SASS Wire Classifieds. Williams Gun Sights WGRS-700 Receiver Sight for Remington 700, 721 and 722 & Howa 1500. Plenty of instructions on youtube and the Marlin boards on how to do it so don't delay and make your Marlin pretty again. put some. Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. 1101 Mason Circle Drive Pevely, MO 63070 Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:00pm CST, 2023 Midwest Gun Works, Inc. - All Rights Reserved. Marlin F406392 : CARTRIDGE CUTOFF SCREW 39A/1897 . Welcome to the Leverguns.Com Forum. When done it looks factory installed. Since JavaScript is disabled, you will not be able to properly navigate, add items to your cart, or place an order. I have a Marlin 336SS in 30-30 made in 2016 that came with the Marlin "bullseye". Top Tang Width: .535" Top Tang Length: 3.1" Bottom Tang Width: .525" Bottom Tang Length: 3.1" Stock Height at Receiver: 1.575" Stock Width at Receiver: 1.25" Overall Length of Stock: 12.9" Measurement of Receiver Mounting Bolt: .215" X1.68" BUTTPLATE ATTENTION . Price: $20.00. 1.25" Montana sling. As for the checkering, this is not Marlin's checkering. Please enable Javascript and refresh the page for a safe, secure, and complete shopping experience at Midwest Gun Works. You can look at guns on a rack and see it from a mile away. Hoss pm me your address and I will mail you one(new) on the house. Mutt, I got the bulls eye pushed in as far as it would go (Very tight fit), then I ran a wrighting pen around it so I could shape the top of the bullsey to the shape of the stock, pulled it out and cut it in half, like Chuck 100 yd, said you get enough for two replacements. By It sounds like you need someone at your side helping you with each step. Mossyoak1957: Thank you very much for those observations/bits of information. Earlier this week I ran across a minty Marlin Golden 39A (1965 vintage - serial# AA254xx) and was so taken with its mint condition I bought it even though it was missing the "sight-hood" and the Marlin "Bullseye" insignia had fallen out of the stock. $14.95. Also known as 'Kaya's Ride', NRA Certified Instructor and Rangemaster, NRA Life Member SASS Vet SV233. Kingston, NY 12401, 2023 Numrich Gun Parts Corporation. Lots of good info and possibly parts. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. supplier shipped immediately but postal system lost item, but after two weeks delay did deliver. Ipurchased a cut down 16 gauge double barrel (18 1/2 inch barrels) as a project gun. Bullseye, New Factory Original. Marlin-H&R-NEF. If so how do you avoid inserting it too deeply into the hole so that it sits below the surface or above it?. $11.95. 25 jm stamped. Second that, I picked up,a Mountie about six weeks ago, missing the sight hood and bullseye. Marlin Receiver Plug Screw set of 4 blued for models 336, 444, 1894 1895 39A . Insert Quotes Quotes Post Reply. Mask them and sand/file down to the tape, then pull the tape off. . The stock is plain. Basically, you have to sand its diameter down so it fits in the hole, then cut it almost in half (they come way too long). I use a jewelers saw to do this. I ordered a replacement Bulls Eye from Brownells and got it today in the mail. The other gun is just below level and not shaped .Any help ? Browse Categories; Used Guns For Sale; Rifles For Sale; Shotguns For Sale; Handguns For Sale . Bit mine turned out nice , Being the correct diameter already, cleaned out the hole in the stock , filled it 1/4 full with hot glue , inserted bullseye plug , taped around it , sawed the extending plug portion off , filed to contour , tapped further into stock , wiped off extra glue and filings , removed tape . Model 39A; Model 60; Model 70; Model 795; Model XT-17 Detachable Magazine; Model XT-22 & Magnum Detachable Magazine; Model XT-22 & Magnum Tubular Magazine; Model 915 22LR; For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. 11 Replies 11 Participants Last post: Old Grizz Feb 6, 2008. 1 hour ago, Yellowhouse Sam # 25171 said: 11 hours ago, Yellowhouse Sam # 25171 said: 6 minutes ago, charlie two feathers said: Serving Him, Background - I found a Marlin 39A at an AMAZING price that I couldn't pass up. The ones I have received lately have been too big in diameter, I had to sand them down a little to get them to go in the hole. . It will be a little high because of the tape. Snow. I also use clear epoxy to mount them and mask off the area around the bullseye with 1 layer of masking tape and then contour it to match the stock with a fine tooth file. I think the bulleye was to indicate a walnut stock. Urban Titanium Camo Knife. Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2018. 3. marlin 39a rear sightmary calderon quintanilla 27 februari, 2023 . marlin 39a bullseye insert. This is a vintage Golden 39A from the year 1959. by salvo Fri Nov 07, 2008 7:06 pm, Post the contour matches the wood . Amen to that! MARLIN MO 39A LEVER ACTION RIFLE PARTS LIST (27) BuyItNow! Re: bullseye installation. Marlin Firearms Co. is an American manufacturer of semi-automatic, lever-action, and bolt-action rifles.In the past, the company, now based in Madison, North Carolina, and formerly based in North Haven, Connecticut, made shotguns, derringers, and revolvers.Marlin owned the firearm manufacturer H&R Firearms.In 2007, Remington Arms, part of the Remington Outdoor Company, acquired Marlin Firearms. $5.57. However, they cost way too much for what they are. Manufacturer: Marlin . Add to Cart. Marlin 1983 ORIGINAL 39 CATALOG 1894 BuyItNow! Mesa Sureshl Carrier Rem 4 12Ga. Free shipping. These will have a "REP" proof mark on the right side of the barrel. Didn't intend for this video to be so long, but after each attempt at doing this inlay with a different idea, I kept adding segments. Finally, this was prior to Marlin drilling and tapping their 39s for a scope, but it was d&t for a receiver sight, so I'll be adding a Williams or Lyman. Show . Son Gncelleme : 26 ubat 2023 - 6:36. Marlin 39A .22 LR, Mountie, straight grip, N21859, good bore, 70 percent finish Description: Marlin Model 39A .22 LR. $14.66 shipping. Polish it smooth and when ready put some glue or clear epoxy in the hole and push it gently until it's flush. A LOT of folks think this is where you are supposed to put the sling swivel stud but this is incorrect. Enfield and Mauser. The Marlin Bullseye inset into the stock is missing. They are all big enough so you cut them in half & the pieces will still work. Marlin F406147 : FINGER LEVER PISTOL GRIP 39A . I think I used Elmer's. Nov 8, 2013. Add to Cart. Check the marlin forum like Buckeye Pete suggested. 2023 Gravel Agency. by Mutt Fri Nov 07, 2008 11:17 pm, Post Marlin 39A (65) Model 60 (51) Other Parts (34) Semi-Auto .22 (51) Stocks and Forearms (14) Pending (2) I am replacing the missing "bullseye" on a 39A.The stock is rounded and the surface of the replacement bullseye is flat.How have you shaped the bullseye to fit the stock. Marlin Rifle Factory Stock Bullseye. Stay away from the trade mark bullseye. Best Selling in Rifle Parts. Come join the discussion about optics, ammo, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, hunting, accessories, classifieds, and more! The Marlin 39A was the first successful lever-action .22 caliber rifle and was made famous for its use by legendary shooter Annie Oakley. The 12 month average price is $977.22 new and $839.82 used. Whats the big deal about the bullseye? Marlin 1893, 1936, 36, 36A, early 336 firing pin #438-336-21. reproduction This part is manufactured of high quality tool steel and heat-treated to precise speci.. $35.00. In stock. $12.00: 0 $12.00 $14.00: 1d 15h 3m 8417666. Front Ramp Sight Insert Enlarge Image. Very easy to install and looks as good as the original. Range (Yards) Thanks Ya'll. In such cases, repair, return Bullseye Enlarge Image. Out of stock. $31.59. Best all leather rifle sling Ive found. $3.34. Updates. Qty: 1. Website by Hudson, This product is no longer available, however, Marlin 39A, 39AS, 39M, 39TDS Schematic W/ Parts List, Buttplate, New Reproduction (Screw Holes 2.8" Center to Center), Stock, Pistol Grip, Black Laminated w/Buttpad, New Reproduction, Stock, Pistol Grip, Checkered Walnut, w/ Butt Pad, New Factory Original, Cartridge Cut-Off Screw, New Factory Original, Cartridge Cut-Off Screw, New Reproduction, Cartridge Cut-Off Spacer, New Factory Original, Cartridge Guide Spring, New Factory Original (Lever Action), Cartridge Guide Spring Screw, New Factory Original, Extractor, Old Style, New Factory Original, Finger Lever, New Style, Blued, New Factory Original (Pistol Grip), Finger Lever, New Style, Blued, Used Factory Original (Pistol Grip), Finger Lever Spring, New Factory Original, Finger Lever Spring Screw, New Factory Original, Finger Lever Spring Screw, New Reproduction, Forend, Checkered, 9-3/4", New Factory Original, Forend, Walnut, 9-3/4", Used Factory Original (Small Profile), Forend Tip Tenon, New Factory Original (Milled), Forend Tip Tenon Screw, New Reproduction (2 Req'd), Front Sight Ramp Screw, New Factory Original (2 Req'd), Front Sight Hood, Blued, New Reproduction, Front Sight Hood, Blued, New Reproduction (Cutaway Type), Front Sight Hood, Stainless, New Factory Original (Cutaway Type), Front Ramp Sight Insert, New Factory Original. Didn't intend for this video to be so long, but after each attempt at doing this inlay with a different idea, I kept adding segments. The Marlin 1895 SBL in .45/70 Gov't is the first rifle out of the gates since Marlin was acquired by Ruger, and after using one for the last several weeks and taking it hunting, I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Marlin 336 Rifle Factory Stock Bullseye Inlay 39a 1895 F406445 at the best online prices at eBay! The used value of a MARLIN 39A rifle has risen $64.14 dollars over the past 12 months to . Hoosier Gun Works, Dealing in gun parts, 100000 gun parts, 2000 gun stocks, 1000 magazines, 500 barrels. 0. Hammer Spring / Mainspring, Extra Power, Wolff Mfg. HOME; GUNS FOR SALE. Quite the process for an over priced piece of plastic. . S. L. & L.R.". For those familiar with Marlins, you'll know what the \"bullseye\" is on the underside of the rear stock. I wish every one mounted the sling eye in the bullseye, much easier to fix that way. My Marlin Texan had a sling stud installed were the Bulls Eye goes. Marlin didn't introduce that until 1954. So if you need one, you have to go this route. If you are the site owner (or you manage this site), please whitelist your IP or if you think this block is an error please open a support ticket and make sure to include the block details (displayed in the box below), so we can assist you in troubleshooting the issue. I wonder if the white ring and the black dot goes deep enough to allow for shaping . Hi I want to buy a new level action 22. F406309 : [G2201210-00] MAGAZINE TUBE BAND (BLUED MODELS), F406392 : CARTRIDGE CUTOFF SCREW 39A/1897, F406400 : FIRING PIN RETAINING STUD 39A/1897, F406408 : FINGER LEVER SPRING SCREW 39A/1897, F406555 : [G4205900-01] BUTTPAD SCREW ALL GUNS FOR BUTTPLATE OR BUTTPAD. Marlin F406309 : [G2201210-00] MAGAZINE TUBE BAND (BLUED MODELS) $13.75. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. In 1951 and 1952, Marlin offered a grip cap on their 39A's that had a brass "peanut" shaped insert on which one could have their intials engraved, so the grip cap is correct. Maybe they found the wood for my gun on a dusty shelf somewhere?? Jkingrph: Thank you for that advisement and heads up on the "pricey" Model 39-A sight hood as well. Save Share. The ring goes all the way through, I cut them in half and they are enough for two guns. About this Discussion. I just replace one on my 336 in 35 Remington. Luckily, the 39A and its variants remain incredibly high-quality rimfire lever . Also, you have to trim and sand it quite a bit. Would . USED. I use clear epoxy, as it will fill the area and hold great. We are glad to be able to offer parts for most current production Marlin firearms. The 35 has those same swivels. Eliot, http://members.tripod.com/~OregonArmsCollectors/. Center of bullseye to center of swivel is 1 3/16". The Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Marlin 39A .22 Stock will fit single shot versions of the 39A. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Numrich Marlin 336 Rifle Factory Stock Bullseye Inlay at Amazon.com. tape around the hole to protect the wood finish. Magpul Stock Earth Silicone Cloth. Hammer Spring / Mainspring, New Factory Original, Hammer Spring / Mainspring, New Reproduction, Hammer Spring / Mainspring, Used Factory Original, Hammer Spring Adjusting Plate, Blued, New Factory Original, Hammer Spur Extension Complete, Old Style, Black (Checkered Flat Type), Hammer Spur, Complete, New Factory Original, Magazine Tube Band, .365" Base Width, New Factory Original, Magazine Tube Band, Blued, Used Factory Original (365" Base Width), Magazine Tube Band Pin, New Factory Original, Magazine Tube Band Pin, Used Factory Original, Magazine Tube Assembly, Inner, .22 LR, 9 Shot, Reduced Capacity (Post 75), Magazine Tube, Inner, Complete, New Style, New Factory Original, Magazine Tube Plug, Used Factory Original, Magazine Tube Plug Cap, New Factory Original, Magazine Tube Spring, New Reproduction (Fitting Req'd), Magazine Tube, Outer, New Style, New Factory Original, Pistol Grip Cap Screw, New Factory Original, Rear Sight Base w/ Folding Leaf, New Factory Original, Rear Sight Elevator, New Reproduction (1.67" Long, .19" High, .075" Thick), Rear Sight Elevator, New Style, New Original (1.430 OAL; .200 High; .115 Wide), Rear Sight Elevator, Old Style, .079, Used Factory Original, Rear Sight Folding Leaf, New Factory Original, Peep Sight Dummy Screw, New Factory Original (2 Req'd), Peep Sight Dummy Screw, New Reproduction (2 Req'd), Scope Adaptor Base w/ Screws, Single Tier, Old Style, Steel, Scope Adaptor Base Screw, New Factory Original (2 Req'd), Scope Mount Dummy Screw, New Reproduction (8-40), Trigger Spring Pin, Used Factory Original, Magazine Tube Assembly, Inner, Old Style, New Reproduction (Incl Key #'s 77-81), Magazine Tube Plug (Produced Prior To June 1975), Magazine Tube Plug Pin, New (Produced Prior To 1975), Magazine Tube, Outer, Old Style (Produced Prior To June 1975), Forend Tip Assembly, w/Swivel, New Factory Original (For Round Barrel), Rear Sight, Old Style, Used Factory Original. Bob's Gun Shop Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! Mauser Sporter Stock Non ventilated Recoil. by Chuck 100 yd Sat Nov 08, 2008 2:13 pm, Post Stevens 39A, 59A, B, C Repeating Bolt Action Shotgun, .410ga tube-type magazine Stevens 51 Single Shot Shotgun, .410ga Stevens 520, 520A, 620, 620A pump shotgun I decided to take pictures of the process to help others replace the bullseye. Here is a picture of the existing bullseye hole that I taped up to protect the stock. I think it wouldlook just as good on the 35 Remington too. Tape off the area around the position of the bullseye. Product #: 432130B Part Key: 3. Insert Quotes Quotes . $37.29. So, I removed the swivel and replaced the bullseye. Be sure to mask off the wood around the hole before gluing it in! You can get a new bullseye from Marlin. Territorial Governor Texas Riviera Pistoleros, South Texas Pistoleros, Plum Creek Shooting Society, Paradise Pass Regulators, Wolff's Rowdy Rangers, Last Chance Handgunners, Sun River Rangers (L). it works. $50.79. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Rifle Parts. John B. Measure the dimensions of your original stock to ensure fitment. JavaScript is disabled. We are glad to be able to offer parts for most current production Marlin firearms. Check the marlin forum like Buckeye Pete suggested. There is one on eBay now for $75.00. Basket. by marlinman93 Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:19 am, Post Add to Wish List. 5 Replies 4 Participants Last post: Machinist Nov 8, 2013. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Marlin 1895G Rules 45-70 Member Team Hornady Life Member NRA Member NAHC. The Glenfield rifles do not have the Marlin signature bullseye, or white line spacers, but they shoot and handle just like Marlins. It was the only year, ever, that Marlin used a grip cap with a brass insert. CAS, Grandkids, traveling Marlin Bullseye All Marlin. This is one of the only places to get one. All rights reserved. Make your own butt plate. . Great deals on Stock Rifle Parts for Marlin. It was a barreled action and a freezer bag full of parts. All Rights Reserved. The buttstock still has the original black-and-white Marlin "Bullseye" insert in-place, and the factory buttplate and white spacer are in excellent condition overall and tight to the wood. It seems to be a very tight fit and it looks as if you get one chance at doing it right. Model: 336 SERIES, 1894 SERIES, 1895, 1895S, 39A, 39AS, 39M, 39TDS, 375, 444, S,SS. View cart for details. Add to Cart. Mine was twice as long as the hole was deep. Total. Front Ramp Sight Insert, New Factory Original. I am replacing the missing "bullseye" on a 39A.The stock is rounded and the surface of the replacement bullseye is flat.How have you shaped the bullseye to fit the stock. If the gunshop had a Mounty, I may have chosen it over the Browning, but got the Browning instead. I replaced the bullseye on a newly acquired 39A. 1 views st joseph cathedral sioux falls bulletin zoo miami summer camp 2022 june nelson william conrad daniel roche rugby career how much does blooper the braves mascot make sourcetree bitbucket captcha required st joseph cathedral sioux falls bulletin zoo miami summer camp This was a TLC effort for a wonderful old 22lr lever rifle. Marlin Model 80-DL Stock Wood Stock Rifle stock. I blued it to match the gun. Ruger . Pedro 1 said: Capt., I just ran and got mine, an early 1950's Marlin 336 S.C. with factory swivels. Mako Grip Black VZ 58 SA58. Marlin Model 39A Rifle Buttplates B343 Marlin Butt Plates: Models 92, 94 & 97. Parts are available to the public for self installation, but they can also be installed by our . by otteray Sat Nov 08, 2008 2:20 pm, Post This is an original factory replacement part from Marlin. Toothpick carver, seasonal aspirin engraver, and spell checker at the M&M factory. GB Gallery Rifle Team; Misc Second Hand; Model 60 . $62.30. Mark around them with a pencil and then pull it out. $9.99. Free shipping for many products! This particular Marlin Model 39 is a lever-action .22 rimfire rifle, manufactured by Marlin between 1921 and 1937. -P. A forum community dedicated to Rimfire Central Firearm owners and enthusiasts. My other guns except one are shaped so the the black dot is level with the stock edge and the white drifts down on both sides. We use cookies to give you the best possible user experience & to analyze traffic. *Estimated delivery could vary on some products. Marlin Model 39A Buttplate, 1st Year Production Only B342B Marlin Model 39A Rifle Buttplates. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Please consider creating a new thread. This replacement part known as the Marlin "Bullseye" is a trademark that has been in use on Marlin walnut buttstocks since 1922. . Try this for a Marlin bullseye. $49.99. by salvo Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:24 pm, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited. Marlin . . Nice clean job! Veola Done. by jnyork Fri Nov 07, 2008 7:00 pm, Post Then you have to sand it flush to the stock. The cheapest place in the UK to buy Marlin Spares and Upgrades. We discuss most anything here politely. Factory replacement parts are manufactured to the exact same specifications and tolerances and use the same manufacturing materials as the original parts. ? It looks great. All Rights Reserved. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Worst case you could make one by drilling out the center of a white nylon or such rod and inserting a black one. Sight hood was more difficult, Finally found one one ebay and paid about $65 for it, a little over 10% of what I paid for the gun. Search for: Home; About Us. Home. All parts were there but the butt plate was cracking to pieces. . To assume the presence of the "bullseye" indicates a "real" JM Marlin would be incorrect. MARBLE ARMS MARLIN 336 TANG SIGHT REAR SIGHT, BLACK. Nothing exotic required. Eligible for FREE shipping * . While I can't speak for everyone, I am guilty of the stupid move of installing a sling eye where the bullseye is--------------but..I think I was about 16---------------Sixgun. . Williams 5D-03/A3 Receiver Peep Sight for for Springfield 03A3***Discontinued by Manufacturer-***. Welcome to the Marlin Gun Parts section of Midwestgunworks.com. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. While it is a simple task, it is not one you want to get wrong. I used Elmers glue as jnyork suggested. Product #: 432130B This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. UK Distributer for BoreBuddy! To assume the presence of the "bullseye" indicates a "real" JM Marlin would be incorrect. I had a rifle missing that, and turned down a piece of antler tip to fit the hole. Remove the bullseye and remove a little from the backside until if fits the right height. Our site uses JavaScript for a smooth and modern shopping experience; we protect your data and never sell it to 3rd parties. This is not a suitable place for the installation of a sling swivel; sling swivels should be mounted approximately 2" from the toe of the butt. Home Updates from Dr. Wiles Updates marlin 39a bullseye insert. Marlin - H&R - NEF. My Marlin Texan had a sling stud installed were the Bulls Eye goes. This American made quality reproduced bullseye is for the Marlin model 39A lever action rimfire rifl.. $6.50 Ex Tax: $6.50. Copyright 2000-2023 24hourcampfire.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Marlin Bullseye, 336 Series, 1894 Series, 1895, 1895S, 39A & more, free ship. The bullseye is a trademark (and decoration) that Marlin has been using since the 1920's on walnut stocked guns. This video is my trail and error (lots of error) process of trying to make things work and look reasonably decent. I thought that the bullseye was to indicate accuracy, from the Annie Oakley period. Cut it slightly long, then file and sand it down to the pencil line. Only show this user . That being that if you need to ask the initial question, you probably should not be doing this yourself! The effect is quick to get into and very solid with a little practice. WOLFF MARLIN 39A, 1894, 1895, 336, 444 REDUCED POWER HAMMER SPRING Free Ship! The replacement part is about twice the length of the original. SIG Tango MSR 1-624 BDC6 Reticle Holy Cow! by Chuck 100 yd Fri Nov 07, 2008 11:36 pm, Post Manufacturer: MARLIN. Williams Gun Sight 5D-336 Receiver Peep Sight with Front Fire Sight for Marlin 336. ..Mutt. Item was long enough to make two (it has to be cut to proper length}. The 1965 Marlin 39A front sight hood was the round hood not like the newer wide scan hoods you will pay dearly for a round one. 1954 Vintage Marlin Model 39A Mountie .22 Caliber Lever Action Carbine ** Clean & Beautiful Example of Early Mountie ** SOLD for sale online. It has a 24 fully octagonal barrel, a color-blued receiver, and a tube magazine that holds 16, maybe 17 rounds of .22 Long Rifle.